Terms and Conditions


Should you need to cancel for any reason. Please contact us within 48 hours notice before your booking date as this booking has been allocated for you.

Repair location

The repair location agreed with the customer must be suitable for carrying out the repairs agreed, it's the sole discretion of Paint and bodywork whether this is deemed suitable to carry out the repair in the agreed location. Ideally a driveway or 2 allocated spaces are suitable with permission from the owner within 10 metres from a power source.


Paint and bodywork will carry out the repairs agreed on the estimate at the time of booking, any further work or additional work other than agreed will be subsequent to further charges. Once an agreement for the extra work requested has been accepted the repairs will be carried out. Should the repair be different from at the time of booking we reserve the right to cancel the appointment.


Unless other arrangements have been agreed in advance, Payment is due in full once the job is completed. Payments can be made by cash, Bank transfer and card payment (subject to a 2% card handling fee)

Quality of repair

Paint and bodywork aim for the best finish possible, this isn't always achievable as working in an open environment there are contaminants such as silicones, dust and weather conditions. No repairs will be the same as a manafacturers finish not even in an approved bodyshop environment. It's unlikely that anyone unaware of the original damage will be able to see where a repair has been completed. Paint and bodywork won't be liable for further repairs in a bodyshop should the repair not meet your expectations.